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Overcoming Corrosion Challenges

During the design of a gold mine, engineers realised that salts would concentrate in the process water in operation to a level of 1000’s ppm. Due to water conservation and recycling efforts, this process water was also to be used as wash-down water. They knew this would cause significant corrosion concerns, particularly in such a remote location (South Arctic Circle); since the mine is located in a remote location, with limited access to local resources meant the project faces intense logistical hurdles in getting repair teams and materials to site. 

While this forward-thinking approach aimed to pre-emptively address corrosion risks over, the design team and ICE had to work within restrictive CAPEX constraints. While we were able to de-risk some of the major issues, we could not address all of them. 

As operation commenced the predictions of the design team were seen in reality. Corrosion immediately impacted structures, tanks, piping, handrails etc. The Operation Team therefore knew that corrosion would be a significant risk throughout the life of mine. They decided to develop and implement a proactive corrosion management program with the ICE Team.


The Solution

ICE spearheaded a comprehensive corrosion risk management program tailored to the site’s unique needs, meticulously assessing and quantifying risks, prioritising tasks based on their severity, and developing accurate budgets and schedules in order to provide a roadmap for proactive corrosion control. The ICE team has been embedded at site for years, providing immediate support and direction to the Operation Team.

Overcoming Corrosion Challenges: Every Problem Has a Solution

In conclusion, the successful mitigation of corrosion challenges at this remote gold mining site stands as a testament to the power of proactive risk management and collaborative innovation, fuelled by safe corrosion engineering practices.