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Exploring the Role of Corrosion Specialists

corrosion on worksite structures

Understanding Their Expertise and Importance Corrosion is a natural process that causes materials, especially metals, to deteriorate due to chemical or electrochemical reactions with their environment. This phenomenon can compromise the stability and performance of infrastructure, equipment, and various assets. As a result, corrosion specialists are crucial across numerous industries, from oil and gas to […]

Cathodic Protection System Design for ships and boats.

Cathodic protection is an essential technology assets from corrosion. It was first invented for ship hulls and corrosion protection in marine environments however its use has since expanded across many industries including Infrastructure, Energy, Oil and Gas, and Mining. Corrosion can cause significant damage to assets, leading to increased maintenance costs and decreased lifespan.  Cathodic […]

How Is Corrosion Managed?

Implementing corrosion management strategies can help prevent equipment deterioration, repairs, and replacements. Proactive corrosion management can also improve your workers’ safety by reducing the risk of accidents related to equipment breakdown. Ice Dragon Corrosion is a corrosion service firm dedicated to helping clients identify and implement effective corrosion management practices. Our Corrosion Management Techniques Choose […]